When a person who buys the property tend to get more excited to move into their new home as quickly as possible, but he must not forget getting some important documents.

The home buyer must look for the important documents from the builder to make sure that the property they just purchased has all the approved rules and regulations. The lack of such necessary documents can make lot of trouble in the future, especially as the authorities are more careful in their inspection. Recently, few cases have come in lime light where forged documents were made to lure the buyers and boost the sales. That’s why buyers should take caution and check each and every document in detail before they move into their new bought property.

Don’t worries Chaukhat.co will help you to know which types of documents you should have when you move into your new bought home. The following are 3 documents any buyer should have.

1. Certificate of Occupancy: Certificate of Occupancy authenticates that structure of the building obey the rules to local laws and allowed plans. This document is given by the regional municipal corporation. A consumer must request for this certificate from the builder prior to moving into the newly bought property. The occupancy certificate is an essential certificate due to two reasons:

a. Financial organization will ask for this certificate in order to offer a loan on the home.

b. Again, the certificate will be required at the time of enrolling for water and sanitary connection.

2. Encumbrance certificate: An encumbrance certificate confirms that the home is at no cost from any financial and legal charges. This certificate will have information of any deal on the land. It points out any charges in the form of a mortgage or loan against the home which has not been cleared.

This certificate is a take out of the record kept by the sub-registrar’s office and is issued for a particular interlude of time. Obviously, it is not applicable for the time before or after the time declared.

3. No objection certificate (NOC) for fire: Fire NOC is a verification that the building meets up certain guidelines put down by the fire department. This certificate is compulsory for every building which is over 15 meters in height.

Before presenting an application to the state local group of fire-fighters, a manufacturer should guarantee adherence to fire security rules, for example, smoke alarms, fire dousers, caution frameworks and prepared staff. Standards additionally require elevated structures to be outfitted with two flights of stairs and two lifts. Moreover, there ought to be adequate room in the structure's front and sides to guarantee free development of the fire tenders.

Many tall structures, particularly in the metros, are accounted for to need essential fire wellbeing prerequisites. Among those that hold fast to the necessary rules, many neglect to get the NOC recharged after the specified time.

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