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Discover perfection in living at Mangeshi World, where luxury meets technology seamlessly. Embrace elegance and sophistication in Kalyan West.


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Welcome to Mangeshi World, an extraordinary residential venture situated in the vibrant heart of Kalyan. Here, luxury seamlessly blends with convenience, and sustainability is interwoven with sophisticated style. Developed by Mangeshi Construction, this project epitomizes contemporary living, attracting those who desire an enhanced lifestyle that balances modern comforts with ecological mindfulness.

Strategically located in Kalyan West, Mangeshi World is more than just a residential complex; it is an architectural marvel. Dominated by four imposing towers that rise 22 to 23 stories high, it reshapes the city’s skyline and offers a unique living experience. Each apartment, from the chic 1 BHK Woods with 451 sq.ft to the expansive 2 BHK Imperial covering 787 sq.ft, showcases exquisite design and thoughtful planning. Scheduled for completion in May 2026, Mangeshi World promises a seamless fusion of contemporary amenities and enduring elegance, all situated at the prestigious Ram Baugh Lane 4. 

Mangeshi World stands out for its commitment to sustainable living. The project boasts a range of eco-friendly facilities, including a community hall, landscaped gardens, tree planting, solid waste management, and a sewage treatment plant, ensuring a green and healthy environment. Certified with RERA IDs—Mangeshi Imperial (P51700034115), Mangeshi Marvel (P51700034332), Mangeshi Woods (P51700034351), and Mangeshi Royal (P51700034444)—the development guarantees regulatory compliance and peace of mind for residents.

Mangeshi Construction, founded in 1994, has a distinguished portfolio of 16 projects, each emphasizing a commitment to health and sustainability. The expansive road network of Kalyan West provides excellent connectivity, making Mangeshi World not just a residence, but a gateway to a vibrant and well-connected lifestyle. Here, every aspect of living is meticulously designed to enhance your everyday experience, making Mangeshi World a true celebration of luxury, convenience, and sustainability. Embrace the future at Mangeshi World in Kalyan, where every day is a testament to refined living.
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Why this Property?

Introducing Mangeshi World, a groundbreaking residential development set to transform living standards in Kalyan. Far more than a mere construction endeavor, Mangeshi World exemplifies luxury, convenience, and a profound dedication to sustainability. 

Located strategically in Kalyan West, Mangeshi World is characterized by four majestic towers rising 22 to 23 floors, offering a grand community space designed for optimal comfort. Anticipated for possession in May 2026, this expansive project includes a range of meticulously crafted residences. The 1 BHK Woods with a spacious 451 sq.ft carpet area and the 2 BHK Imperial at 787 sq.ft, along with various other configurations, combine elegance with functionality. These homes start at an attractive price of 54.99 lacs for 1 BHK and 88.99 lacs for 2 BHK, making luxury living accessible.

Nestled on Ram Baugh Lane 4, Mangeshi World offers more than just a place to live—it provides a lifestyle of unparalleled convenience. Residents will enjoy amenities like power backup, a community hall, lush landscaping, tree planting, and efficient waste management, including a sewage treatment plant. Both open and closed car parking options are available, ensuring a seamless living experience. Each tower adheres to regulatory standards, with unique RERA IDs: Mangeshi Imperial (P51700034115), Mangeshi Marvel (P51700034332), Mangeshi Woods (P51700034351), and Mangeshi Royal (P51700034444).

Established in 1994, Mangeshi Construction has delivered 16 projects, consistently emphasizing healthy and sustainable living. The extensive road network of Kalyan West provides excellent connectivity, making Mangeshi World not just a residence but a portal to a dynamic and well-connected lifestyle. Here, every detail is crafted to exceed expectations, offering an elevated living experience. Welcome to Mangeshi World, where luxury, convenience, and sustainability unite to create the perfect home.
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Key Features

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, Mangeshi World stands as a beacon of excellence, seamlessly integrating advanced technology, exceptional talent, and innovative design. This residential marvel is a testament to the harmonious blend of cutting-edge engineering, contemporary architecture, and masterful craftsmanship. Mangeshi World transcends the traditional concept of a residential project, embodying a living experience that resonates with the dynamic rhythm of modern life, combining precision and artistry in every detail.

Mangeshi World is not just a place to live; it is a statement of elegance and sophistication. This prestigious landmark in Kalyan West redefines luxury living, offering a lifestyle that caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its prime location enhances its appeal, positioning it close to essential amenities and services, including top-tier hospitals and gourmet dining options. Mangeshi World spans a vast area, featuring four grand towers of 22 and 23 stories each, creating an enclave of prestige and convenience. Here, opulence is accessible, with meticulously designed units that blend comfort, convenience, and contemporary aesthetics, making it the ultimate choice for discerning buyers.

Each residence within Mangeshi World is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, designed to leave a lasting impression. The under-construction units promise a living space tailored to the evolving needs of modern residents, with each of the four towers offering unique benefits. This development ensures a diverse range of options for those seeking perfection in every detail. At Mangeshi World, excellence is not just an aspiration; it is a way of life. Embrace a living experience where luxury meets technology and precision meets artistry, all within the embrace of unparalleled excellence. Welcome to Mangeshi World, where every day is a seamless blend of luxury, technology, and the pursuit of perfection.
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