Celebrate This Raksha Bandhan In Your Own Dream Home

Aug 26, 2023 - by Flat In Kalyan


Celebrate This Raksha Bandhan In Your Own Dream Home
Raksha Bandhan grips a unique place in India as a day to rejoice in the strong bond between siblings. This festival is noticeable by grand gatherings and hearty celebrations with family and loved ones. But no festival is whole without a touch of sparkle. We've got you enclosed if you’re seeking simple and budget-friendly Raksha Bandhan adornment ideas for your home. Check out these easy and reasonable decoration ideas to get your home ready for the upcoming festivity.

Hang colourful bandhanwar at the entrance
A bandhanwar is a communal decoration in many Indian homes. Improve a simple bandhanwar by adding flowers or drops and hanging it on your main door. You can create a bandhanwar effortlessly at home or acquisition one from a local market. If you’re busy for time, you can also use marigold flower garlands to make a bandhanwar for your front door.

Decorate with fresh flowers
For Indian festival home décor, fresh flowers are continuously a great choice. They embody the heart of festivity and tradition. Simply wrapping flower garlands around your home this Raksha Bandhan will make a charming ambiance. You can also place colourful flower provisions as decorative drawls in various areas of your living space, attracting a festive atmosphere.

Make a beautiful rangoli
Don’t let those unused Holi colours gather dust – instead, use them to create a masterpiece right in the heart of your foyer. Rangolis are a fantastic addition to your Raksha Bandhan embellishment, inoculating a burst of vibrant colours and artistic flair. If you find yourself pushed for time, there’s an easy alternative – opt for a flower rangoli. Not only is it easier to put together, but it also enhances a touch of stylishness and freshness to your décor.

Don’t forget the Raksha Bandhan Thali
Beautifying Raksha Bandhan thalis has become a usual tradition in recent years. No list of Raksha Bandhan decoration thoughts is truly complete without including this one. Altering your thali is as simple as giving it a vivacious coat of paint. Let lively colours take centre phase in your eye-catching strategy. Elevate the visual request even further by adding beads, mirrors or slight petals. Here’s a list of vital items that your thali decoration should not overlook:
• A beautiful rakhi
• A paste of turmeric and lime
• Rice grains
• Water
• Sweets
• Diyas
• Incense sticks

Create a memory wall
Amazing Raksha Bandhan decoration ideas for Luxury Home
Give your Raksha Bandhan decor an expressive touch by creating a heartwarming memory wall. This genuine addition could showcase a group of cherished pin-up photographs from your childhood, along with other precious items that hold sentimental value. This thoughtful sign not only infuses a heartfelt sentiment into your decor but also serves as a attractive tribute to the special bond you share with your brothers.

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