Evolution Of Smart Homes In The Indian Real Estate Market

Mar 23, 2023 - by Flat In Kalyan


Evolution Of Smart Homes In The Indian Real Estate Market
Technology is gradually becoming an essential part of our lives and enhancing our day-to-day living experiences. Smart homes are a major step in the evolutionary ladder and have taken the residential market by a squall. Such homes are the cynosure among the utopian populace due to the host of amenities they offer.

Indian real estate has come a long way. It has battered many trends and withstood the scourge of COVID-19. The latest trend that has been a topic of conversation is the appearance of smart homes, which have gained enormous popularity. After the era of the smartphone revolution, the development of smart homes in metro cities has increased traction. Smart homes not only propose better living standards, convenience in day-to-day functioning, security and comfort but also save energy. It would not be wrong to say that the Indian property market is at the pinnacle of the development of smart homes with new features such as fire discovery systems, lighting set-ups, energy-competence systems, gas leakage sensors and entertainment systems.

A smart home is a property that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to operate various appliances and equipment in the home, according to architect and interior designer Aalok Bhasin of Delhi. AI enables usage of various home amenities over a network, typically Wi-Fi. A smart home offers its residents greater comfort, ease of use when operating and controlling services, better security and peace of mind, and increased safety and effectiveness.

Also, with the development of wireless mechanisation, remote-controlled gadgets have grown in popularity. The availability of a wide range of high-tech items makes life more pleasant, secure, and convenient, which has attracted a lot of people to this notion.

Self-controlled equipment used in smart homes today
Smart homes frequently take advantage of cultivating automation technology and modern construction methods. Resultantly, it gives homeowners a new level of gratification and control. Some of the equipment that gives many benefits are as follows:

Smart home security systems enable you to stop interruptions and home invasions. These security systems comprise advanced features like access cards and fingerprint scanners in place of conventional locks. These systems caution residents about potential threats and allow them to take timely action.

Lighting in a home has the possibility to influence your well-being. Instead of leaving path lights and porch lights on, you can make them function rendering to sunrise and sunset. Moreover, you can also set an attentive message via the smart home lighting answers that will be sent to your smartphone whenever a light has been left on.

Window and door treatments
Through the use of sensors situated in strategic places, you control the windows and doors in your house during summers and winters. To keep your house, cool during summer and decrease the usage of AC, you can program your windows and shades to automatically close during the hottest time of the day. You can also set sunspecs to open up during the daytime to warm your house.

Why buy smart homes?
Today potential homebuyers have acceptable disposable income and a tendency for smart living. They are willing to pay a premium for a future-ready home. Another reason for considering a smart home or integrating technology into your existing home is that it significantly increases the property value. Market studies show that homes with smart features sell for an average of 20 per cent more than homes without them. 

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