Harmonizing Your Home - Bedroom Design Tips According to Vastu Principles

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Harmonizing Your Home - Bedroom Design Tips According to Vastu Principles
You would have come across a lot of people who shadow Vastu Shastra principles. They say Vastu can support you optimise your living space and life and assist you in remaining positive. Even those who are not firm believers of the principles of Vastu Shastra, tend to survey it, once they understand the kind of organisation and utility of spaces that Vastu helps them instrument. Vastu shastra can also be important in improving relationships, particularly for couples. One can invite positive energies around by confirming the right bed direction and sleeping direction as per Vastu. Thus, when scheming a bedroom, it is a must to pattern the bed position, and colour theme of the room, and follow the Vastu directions for sleeping instructions.

Bed direction and position as per Vastu
• Position the bed such that your legs are not directly associated towards bedroom doors as it can cause nightmares.
• The headboard must be placed firmly against a solid wall so that your back is supported when sitting on the bed. It should not be overdue a toilet wall or in front of windows.
• Avoid hiring the bed in the centre of the house. Avoid employing the bed in the centre of the house as it is the Brahmasthan, the source of energy. The centre has a constant vibrational force and this goes in contradiction with the basic function of a bedroom, which is to provide rest.
• Keep open seats on the left and right side of the bed. Consent 18 inches on each side. As per Feng Shui's ideas, the space on either side of the bed balances the yin and yang. However, for children, you can place the bed against a wall.
• Do not place one side of the bed in contradiction of a wall.
• Avoid having a kitchen straight beneath, on the lower floor.

Bed direction as per Vastu
Vastu dictates that the bedroom should face the southwest corner of the building. According to Vastu, the best position for a bed is with the head toward the south or east and the legs toward the north or west as you sleep.
Avoid bed placement in the corner of the bedroom as this stops positive energy from flowing freely.  The bed location in the bedroom as per Vastu should be along the central part of the wall so that there’s enough planetary to move around.

Bedroom Vastu for pair and tips for sleeping direction
You must select the bedroom direction in the southwest as per Vastu if the couple is the master of the house. For newlyweds, the course of the bedroom as per Vastu can be in the northwest corner. The direction of the bedroom as per Vastu rules should not be on the northeast side as it can lead to health issues.

Your bed in the master bedroom, as per Vastu, should be in the south area or south-west but never between the two. This reasons fiascoes in relationships. Also, note that the north-easterly side of your room must not be messy. Avoid sleeping in the corner of the room as it can hinder the flow of energies around. Thus, it is essential to confirm the bed position allows some space on either side.

Significance of good sleep
For a number of reasons, the human body need quality rest. First of all, getting enough sleep enhances mental function and mood, keeping one alert and ready to tackle the day's tasks. As a result, it enables one to focus more clearly and increase productivity at work. Furthermore, a healthy body depends on getting enough sleep. It restores the body's capacity to fend off and avoid ailments. Additionally, if you regularly wake up at night, it is important to reevaluate your bedroom design and make any necessary Vastu adjustments.

Vastu and pregnancy
A couple that sleeps in the north-east bedroom, as per Vastu, may find it problematic to conceive or if they do finally, it may end up in a miscarriage. As per Vastu, couples can enterprise a southeast bedroom for a limited period of time, if they are scheduling for a baby. It is also believed that once a woman considers, the couple should not inhabit the south-east bedroom, because there is too much heat in this room.

Which side of the bed to choose?
The side of the bed one selects can reveal a lot of the personality. As per Feng Shui, sleeping on the left side is optional as it ensures wealth, power and good health.

Sleeping next to a wall
The side of the bed one prefers is also related to the bed’s position and one’s character. Those with claustrophobic propensities may avoid sleeping next to a wall but favour windows.

Bedroom Vastu: Sleeping direction as per Vastu
As per the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra, the Vastu direction for sleeping that is measured best is the south direction. That is, the head should be near the south and feet towards the north when you sleep. Here is a whole guide to designing a bedroom, including useful guidelines for sleeping positions optional in Vastu. It measures the ideal sleep position in Vastu if you want to have long, quality sleep. Also, sleeping with your feet to the north entices good luck and fortune.

Avoid sleeping with your legs in the south direction, because it will stop you from getting sound sleep. Southern direction is for the Lord of death and should be avoided. It may also lead to illnesses of the mind.

Vastu rules are based on the interaction between pancha bhutas or the five elements of nature, namely water, fire, earth, space, and air, and the four directions to ensure the overall well-being of an individual. This is also applicable for sleeping direction. Every sleeping direction, except north, is supposed to have some positive effects:

Head towards the south: It is appropriate for people in business or any profession as it confirms quality sleep, improved productivity, luxury and wealth. It also reduces the risks of heart disease and principals to good health.
Head towards the east: East is the next best direction to sleep and is optional for students, teachers, and people in jobs. Sleeping with the head towards the east improvement’s concentration and memory power. It attracts growth and career prospects. You can design a kids’ room based on this opinions.

Head towards the west: It is sensible to sleep towards west if it is not possible to sleep with one’s head towards south or east direction. Its assistances the individual by bringing fame, recognition and wealth.

Head in the diagonal or corner axis: Sleeping with head towards the southeast or southwest direction is recommended for diagonal bedroom directions. Sleeping towards the northwest direction is also favourable and a impartial sleeping position.

Vastu for bedroom ceilings
The bedroom ceiling height should ideally be 10 feet; nevertheless, it shouldn't be too low as this can result in poor air circulation. Avoid fake ceiling designs that are uneven or have triangles dangling from them as these might disrupt sleep and induce mental stress. A decent ceiling also has a center that is higher and corners that are lower. Never use mirrors in ceiling designs since they might reflect the bed. According to Vastu, the ceiling should be white or another light color since it attracts positive energy and promotes tranquillity. Avoid installing a skylight in the bedroom because it could disrupt your calm slumber. Instead, opt for soft, relaxing lighting.

Vastu Shastra for bedroom with attached bathroom
Due to convenience and space limitations, baths and toilets are frequently combined with bedrooms in modern apartments. Vastu states that having a restroom in the wrong place can have negative effects on one's health and finances. Vastu suggests placing the bedroom, or master bedroom, in the south-west corner of the home when the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. The other suitable orientations are south or west. Make sure the bathroom door is maintained closed because an open bathroom door might have a negative impact on the atmosphere of the bedroom. Additionally, mattresses shouldn't be located next to the toilet or bathroom. 

Let out negative energy
Mop the floor at least once a week with sea salt added to the water as it eliminates negative energy. It is one of the meekest and best bedroom Vastu ideas to create a positive ambience in the house. Moreover, it is important to avoid keeping junk items under the bed to stop negative energies.

Keep the bathroom doors locked and make sure the beds do not face these doors as they fascinate negative energies from the bathroom into the bedroom. Let in positive energies into your bedroom by placing Feng Shui and Vastu substances such as a dreamcatcher and wind chime.

Bedroom Vastu: Things to avoid in the bedroom
As per Vastu, the bedroom should be clean and clutter-free to keep negative drives at bay. Some items to circumvent in the bedroom include:
Electronic devices: Gadgets for example laptops, smartphones, tablet screens and flatscreen TVs. Circumvent using such devices a few hours before sleeping to allow a sound sleep.
Workspace or desk: The bedroom should be designed to help you relax and unwind. It is significant to avoid designing your work desk
Old mattress: Make sure to substitute old mattress as it may cause health issues. Wash your bed linens, and bed covers frequently.
Exercise equipment: Circumvent keeping fitness equipment and other machines in the bedroom.

Bed box
Do not keep unwelcome clutter under your bed or in the bed box. If you have a bed box storage, keep it organised. Never keep broken clocks, toys, old bedsheets, etc., in the bed box. Rendering to Vastu Shastra, whatsoever you store in the bed box has an influence on the quality of sleep.

Kind of mattress
Use a single mattress even on a double bed in your bedroom, particularly if it is the couple’s bed. Do not keep extra pillows on the bed.

Selecting the right bedsheet colour, as per Vastu Shastra, can have a positive result. Use light-coloured bed sheets that are pink, light purple, beige, pale green, white or brown as they assist one unwind. Circumvent too many geometrical designs in black or blue colour on bedsheets. A couple should opt for calming pink, peach or subtle red motifs in bedcovers.

Almirah placement and colours
Remember to follow Vastu rules for the master bedroom wardrobe or other storage cupboards in bedrooms. If you have an almirah, it should be located in the south/west wall. As per Vastu Shastra for wardrobe, cash and jewellery must be kept in the north direction, as this is the direction of Lord Kubera. Wardrobe doors should never face the toilet wall or toilet seat. The colours of the almirah or wardrobe should be light, such as pale yellow, white, cream, beige, or light grey. Circumvent dark colours as they fascinate negative energy. The almirah or master bedroom wardrobe should be complete with iron and wood and not marble. 

Placement of bed in the room
South/west walls are the finest to place your bed. If you are unable to do that, confirm a four-inch distance between the wall and the bed. Rendering to Vastu positions the bed in a way that there are no windows overdue the headrest of the bed as it can disturb the sleep. Confirm that the bed is not placed right conflicting with the door of the master bedroom.

Bedroom for kids
As per Vastu, the kid’s room must be built in the west zone of the home, with the door facing east, to welcome positive energies and happiness in the bedroom. Remember, the door of the bedroom should open clockwise. Also, avoid hanging signs on the door as they foster negative energy like hostility and fights between children and their parents. The direction of the bed should be in a way that it is not in front of the arrival of the room. Ensure that the child’s bedroom has no sharp limits that block the flow of energy. Empty spaces and wooden furniture have a positive effect on the energy of the bedroom. The study table should face east or north to help in memory and attentiveness. Keep a crystal pyramid or tower to trigger the flow of positive energy and enhance good luck.
Clear clutter in the bedroom
Also, do not keep things that have not been used for years such as clocks, watches, electronic apparatus, broken artefacts or machinery, in your bedroom. The attendance of electronic gadgets near the bed or at any location inside the room, as per Vastu, can delay with sleep quality and lead to problems like insomnia. Clutter interrupts the energy flow and creates disharmony in the house, she explains. “In the bedroom, avoid water fountains, aquariums and paintings of war acts and single women.”

Aromatherapy can be utilized to improve the romantic ambiance of the bedroom because of its potent sensory influence. The best mood boosters are fresh flowers since they create a nice energy in the bedroom.
To create a calming environment, place an indoor plant in the bedroom, such as a Peace Lily. Aromas and smells have great capacity to improve mood and spirit. So, make sure your space has a pleasant scent by keeping potpourri, fragrant candles, or diffusers there. Use energizing lavender or jasmine scents.

Banish devices from the bedroom
Anything that interrupts the calm of the bedroom has no place here. Hence, no television. If you must have one, make sure it is placed at a sensible distance from your bed. “The TV screen should not work as a mirror conflicting with the bed.

Vastu tips for a good night’s sleep
• Do not sleep with your head facing the door as this may cause you to have dreams.
• If the bed in the room is under a beam, this may lead to you having troubled sleep.
• Do not place the water jug in the South-East direction as this may reason for sleeplessness.
• Dark-coloured furniture in the bedroom is not optional.
• Never leave the door of a wash space/attached bathroom open throughout the night.

Bedroom Vastu Colours
• Earthy colours for example almond shades are some of the best bedroom colours for the walls.
• Circumvent using the black and dark blue colour of bed sheets, curtains, and carpets in children’s bedrooms according to Vastu as they can stir up disturbing emotions in a child and can cause health issues.
• Blue is an enjoyable colour as per Vastu and Feng Shui for the bedroom. Request calming energies with a blue colour combination in your bedroom colour scheme.
• Include a green colour that will have a healing result and complement the décor with indoor plants.

Master bedroom Vastu: Who should sleep in the master bedroom?
As per Vastu, only married couples should occupy the master bedroom, if it is a family that contains of married couples and other members who are single. A regular-shaped bedroom is better than one with scratches and shapes made to beautify the look of the room.

Vastu tips for bedroom: Home office and bookshelf placement
As a part of Vastu principles, bookshelves or office desks should be located in the west or south-west corner. It is sensible to create zones or spaces within the bedroom, to separate work and personal life. The workstation must be kept in such a way that the person inactive on the table faces the east, north or north-east direction. Vastu proposes using a rectangular or square-shaped desk. Make sure your home office is roomy, clutter -free and has sufficient air and light. Do not work while inactive on the bed.

Vastu tips for bedroom with balcony
Vastu recommends placing the balcony in the bedroom's Eastern or Northern regions. Avoid circular balconies since they cause the residents a lot of problems. One can add a swing to the East-West axis. Brighten the balcony to promote positivity. On the balcony, you can keep small plants facing north, east, or north-east. Always keep the balcony grill free of rust. Keep undesirable items out of the balcony so that energy can flow freely.

Vastu tips for bedroom lights
According to Vastu, sunshine has a significant impact on the space's positivity. Allow the bedroom to enjoy some natural light each day. From a practical standpoint, overhead spotlights and fluorescent lighting are beneficial. But task lighting forces your brain into a task-mode. Choose a few warm-lighting fixtures to create mood lighting in the bedroom. Dimmers are also available to change the intensity. Play with light to add illumination, reflection, and bling while establishing a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Fixtures with problems or bulbs with fuses need to be replaced right away.

Vastu for senior citizens' bedroom
Enterprise the senior citizens' bedroom in soothing shades of yellow, white, green, or blue. The bedroom of the head of the family should be situated in the southwest or south. Retired senior citizens can use a room in the northeast, east or north as well. The head of the bed should be in the east direction or South. 

Bedroom Vastu: What colour paint to use in the bedroom?
Preferably, paint your bedroom off-white, baby pink or cream. Avoid dark colours. Rendering to Vastu, the bedroom of a newly married couple should be calculated with colours such as pink, pale blue or soothing yellow. The kids’ bedroom can be done up in green (which represents growth) or yellow (for happiness and aiding studies).

Best bedroom plants as per Vastu
If you want to add some greenery to your bedroom, Vastu suggests the following plants as ideal:
Money plant: Place the money plant at sharp angles, to induce a stress-free aura. Though, make sure it gets some indirect sunlight. This climber is one of the best air-purifying house plants. So, make sure it has some provision to grow.
Bamboo plant: Bamboo plants are seen as one of the timeliest plants as per Vastu Shastra, as well as Feng Shui. It needs minimal care and can be placed anywhere in the bedroom. Though, the south-east corner is the most preferred area.

Remedy for Vastu dosha in the bedroom
Here are a few straightforward solutions for Vastu dosha in the bedroom, however it is always preferable to speak with a Vastu professional and get guidance. Place crystals of camphor or sea salt in a basin in a bedroom with a north-east orientation. For the purpose of correcting any Vastu defect, sea salt and camphor absorb bad energy. A bedroom with a north-east exposure should have white or yellow walls. Vastu flaws in the northeast are removed by the scent of lavender.

North-west bedroom
A north-west bedroom often causes wealth losses and stress in the lives of its inhabitants. Keeping a Chandra Yantra in the north-west corner may assist in fixing Vastu doshas.

Southeast bedroom
Southeast is the way of the fire element. Sleeping in the southeast direction can lead to illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Thus, it is necessary to follow Vastu guidelines while sleeping and confirm whether the head is towards the east or south. 

Northeast bedroom
The bedroom shouldn't be built on the northeast corner, often known as the Ishan corner, as it would be better suited for a home shrine. Building a bedroom in the northeast can lead to monetary loss, work-related challenges, or a postponed marriage. Place a Vastu yantra there and pick subdued color palettes for the area to address the Vastu problems with bedrooms in the northeast.

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