Wall Clock Vastu Direction, Position, Colour And Design Guidelines

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Wall Clock Vastu Direction, Position, Colour And Design Guidelines
The sound of a clock indicating away has its own different melody and is also a constant reminder of how quickly time passes by. Today, wall clocks may not be as important as they were before the advent of smartphones. 

Wall clock Vastu direction
While moving to a new home or renewing your house, deciding on a spot for placing a wall clock, can be confusing. Though, Vastu Shastra has the answer. One should be attentive of the right wall clock direction as prearranged in Vastu to avoid any negative possessions. 

The best direction to place a wall clock is the north, which is lined by Kubera, the god of wealth and prosperity. This assignment will also keep all the financial snags in the family at bay.

If it is not possible to position the clock in the north direction, you can keep the clock in the east direction. East is ruled by the king of gods and heaven, Indra and hiring a clock on the east wall, will appeal to prosperity.

As per wall clock Vastu, you can also deliberate the west direction for the clock placement if you do not find a appropriate place in the other recommended directions. 

As per Vastu rules, you should avoid hiring the wall clock in the south direction. Otherwise, it will have a negative influence on your family and finances. The reason is that this direction is not stared as promising and is ruled by Yama, the lord of death.

Place the wall clock towards the orient
The Eastern world is referred to as the Orient. In Eastern philosophy, the east direction is measured in a favourable direction. As per Vastu Shastra, a wall clock can be located on the eastern side if no space in the north is obtainable. 

Where should you hang a wall clock in the living room?
The majority of family time is spent in the existing room of a home. Accessories should be arranged according to Wall Clock Vastu principles so that they promote a pleasant energy flow. In light of this, remember these suggestions when deciding where to place a wall clock in the living room. The north wall of the living room is the finest place for a wall clock. Kubera, the deity of affluence, rules over the direction of the north.

Wall clocks and Vastu: How to progress the décor and positive energy of your home
Which kind of wall clock is good for your home?
While you take care of the right clock position in the house, it is also vital to remember a few points concerning the clock designs recommended in Vastu Shastra. 

1. Antique wall clocks/pendulum wall clocks: They have a classic request and their oscillation symbolises a good flow of energy, as per Vastu. However, one should circumvent keeping a pendulum clock in the bedroom as it can be advanced. For other areas, choose the east direction for hiring pendulum clocks.

Wall clocks and Vastu: How to recover the décor and positive energy of your home
2. Circular wall clocks: The wall clock shape, rendering to Vastu, also has a significant impact on the house and its energies. Thus, selecting simple designs is recommended. Select clocks that are round as it is the meekest shape that will help boost the overall positive energy of any space.

Wall clocks and Vastu: How to recover the décor and positive energy of your home
3. Metal wall clocks: The north is the best direction to hang a metal wall clock or a clock with a grey or white background. So, in accordance with Vastu, a metal wall clock with a circular design would be the finest choice for your living area.

Wall clocks and Vastu: How to improve the décor and positive energy of your home
4. Wooden wall clocks: Wooden wall clocks are appropriate for the east wall of the room.
Wall clocks and Vastu: How to recover the décor and positive energy of your home
Chime clocks: If your idea to keep chime clocks in the house, make sure they harvest pleasant chiming sounds.

Vastu tips for wall clock at home
Wall clocks and Vastu: How to recover the décor and positive energy of your home
The north is one of the best seats to put a clock in the house. Circumvent the clock position in south-east or south-west directions.

Wall clock colours as per Vastu Shastra
Make sure you select the colour for the wall clock, reliant on where you choose to place it.
For your home's wall clocks, choose light hues like light grey, white, cream, parrot green, or sky blue. It is better to stay away from dark colors.

Wall clock Vastu: Importance
In the Hindu tradition, time is considered to be highly important. Vastu Shastra lays down strategies for the placement of wall clocks. According to Vastu, placing the wall clock in the wrong direction can cause negative energy to the house.

Wall clock significance and popular beliefs
In many cultures, clocks symbolise the passage of time and have been an essential part of people’s lives. 

Which direction is best for the wall clock as per Feng Shui?
According to Feng Shui principles, a wall clock should be located on the north, or northeast walls. The placement of clocks on the north is believed to transport wealth and security while the place on the northeast side is measured to bring good health for the family. If these walls are not obtainable, you can place the clock on the wall nearest the west as an alternative.

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