Harmony at Home: Vastu Colors for Bedroom, Kitchen, Walls & More

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Harmony at Home: Vastu Colors for Bedroom, Kitchen, Walls & More
Vastu colours for home have an important psychological effect on people.  The Vastu colours for the home are recommended based on the associated elements. It is significant to have a balance of vastu colours in your home to feel fresh and live a healthy and positive life.  For example, exact colours like kitchen colour as per Vastu or bedroom colours as per Vastu can excite distinctive emotions in people.

Importance of Vastu colours for your home
• Succeeding Vastu colors for your home can have a deep positive impact on the overall energy and ambiance of your living space.
• Experts point out that each section of your home, requires vastu colors for home as per its energy requirement, size and direction.
• Selecting Vastu colours can contribute to your space’s aesthetic appeal. This helps create a visually pleasing and uplifting atmosphere that supports a balanced lifestyle.

Vastu colours for home: Complementary with the five elements
This element plays an important role where constancy is required. For eg. Living room, bedroom etc. To equilibrium this element, use earthy colours like brown, green, off-white, beige etc. Also, you can include natural materials in your décor.  
This element stands for light and a great amount of energy and is appropriate for the kitchen and living room. While colours like red, orange are connected with the fire element, it’s suggested to use these colours in mixture with neutral colours so that a balance is achieved.
The dissimilar shades of blue, sea green etc. depict this element. A symbol of relaxation, this element’s energy and colour are dominant in bathrooms and bedrooms.
This element as the name proposes closer to nature and openness. Colours that are pleasing like pastels, lighter sunglasses of green, yellow etc. help in handling this element. This element has a strong occurrence in areas that are open and seamless like the living room.
Areas like the entrance of the living room, meditation room etc. are places where this element is powerfully felt. White, cream and shades of pastels sync with this element.

Home exterior colour
The exterior Vastu colours for the home should be founded on its owners. Exterior wall paint colour conferring to Vastu should be colours, such as yellowish-white or off-white or light mauve or orange, that can ensemble to people of all Rashis.

Main door/entrance: The favorable colours for the main door, based on its direction are stated in the table above. Opt for soft colours for the front door, for example white, silver or wood colours that are in sync with hall colour mixture. If your main door is facing the south, use of coral red or pink is recommended. This is because south falls under horizon of Mars planet and red is the colour of Mars.

Balcony/veranda: Bestowing to Vastu colours for home, the balcony should be in the north or east direction. Favor using calm colours like blue, cream and light tones of pink and green, for the balcony. This is the interplanetary where the occupants connect with the outer world.

Garage: As per Vastu colours for home, the ideal place for a garage is on the north-west side. Perfect colours are white, yellow, blue or any other light shade.

Hall colour as per Vastu
The living room of every home is the centre of energy. Preferably, the hall should be in the north-east or north-west direction. Hall colour as per Vastu should be tinted yellow or white.

Dining area
The dining area is where the family encounters for meals. Warm colours like peach, yellow, shades of light orange and even blue, are perfect vastu colours for home for this area.

childrens' room
Vastu Shastra states that choosing colors for a child's room should be done carefully, especially if the child is still developing. Select gentle pastel hues that will benefit the young person. The best orientation for a child's room when they grow up and leave for college is north-west. According to Vastu, children's bedroom facing the north-west direction—which is determined by the moon—should be painted white.

Vastu colors for home for study room suggest choosing light green, blue, cream, and white if you have a home office. For your home office, lighter shades of gold, yellow, brown, and green guarantee a steady working atmosphere and boost productivity.

Guest room: If the guest room is located in the north-east direction of the house, a softer blue color would be appropriate.
• If the guest room's markings point south, opt for paler pink, purple, red, or orange hues.
• Use paint in shades of green or brown if your home's guest room is located in the east.
• Guest rooms facing southwest are best decorated in shades of yellow, cream, or beige.
• Bathroom: The optimal location for a bathroom is in the northwest.
• A blue, brown, or white bucket or tub belongs in the bathroom.
• Steer clear of red or black buckets or tubs in the restroom.
• Light colors for walls are recommended by Vastu.
• If washing machines are stored in the restroom, they should be

What colour should be used in temple as per Vastu?
• White, light blue, lavender, yellow, or light green are examples of light colors that should be used in your house temple according to Vastu. The temple space is able to radiate positivity thanks to these colors.

Vastu's recommended colors for a kitchen 
• Using Vastu hues in the kitchen will assist your family channel positive energy. Because natural colors are more successful at channeling positive energy than manufactured ones, it is important to keep in mind that Vastu Shastra always promotes things that are near to nature.
• Since the kitchen symbolizes the fire element, orange and red are the ideal kitchen colors according to Vastu.
• Since bright tones are included in the Vastu kitchen color scheme, it may also be used to
Bedroom colours as per Vastu
• According to Vastu, the following colors belong in a bedroom: blue, which represents purity, beauty, and dedication; green, which represents a happy atmosphere; and pink, which makes a statement.
• Per Vastu, a bedroom painted in yellow creates a happy atmosphere.
• According to Vastu, an orange bedroom creates an atmosphere that is empowering.

Grey is a very elegant shade for a bedroom, according to Vastu.
• White is the Vastu color that creates a calm atmosphere in bedrooms.
• According to Vastu, lavender creates for a calm and relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms.

Vastu-recommended bedroom colors for couples
Bedroom colours for couples rendering to Vastu especially newly married couples should be light shades in yellow or pink, as this assistances in bonding and are best color for bedroom walls as per Vastu. Bedroom colours for couples rendering to vastu who are married for some times are soft shades of green and blue.

Curtains colour guidelines as per Vastu
As per Vastu colours for home, it is not simply the wall colours according to Vastu but the overall colours present in the room that affect us. Opt for light colour curtains like white, off-white, rosy red, pink, etc. These colours as per vastu are related with calmness and relaxation, which is perfect for the bedroom.

Suitable colours for living room curtains are yellow, green and blue
Green, pink and blue colour curtains are optional for dining room Green is a symbol of hope and stands for curative and harmony. Blue colour portrays new beginnings and pink signifies love.

The colour of curtains in the bathrooms should be in mixtures of pink, white, black and grey colour as per vastu.

Vastu-inspired art and photo color recommendations
• Place artwork on the northeastern wall of the room in accordance with Vastu colors for the dwelling. Steer clear of red and black. According to Vastu, the paintings and photos on the wall have an affect on one in addition to the hue of the wall. Career and the north zone of the house are related. A blue picture of a body of water (a river, sea, stream, or fountain) is said to bring luck and prosperity. Keep bedroom paintings unrelated to water. An image of a road or trail painted on the north wall is said to open up more job options.
• Beautiful planters for your home in blue and grey tones are ideal if you plan to keep plants facing north.
• Plants placed in pots that are red in colour in the south-east direction will help the occupants of the house monetary wise and also make them secure.

Colours to avoid in the house as per Vastu
• Since dark hues like red, brown, gray (according to Vasu theory), and black correspond to some of the fire planets like Rahu, Shani, Mars, and the Sun, they might not be suitable for everyone.
• Refrain from painting the entire house white since it's thought to incite ego in people.
• According to Vastu, black is a very disruptive color, hence using it in the pooja room or temple is strictly prohibited. It can lessen the beneficial energy flow.
• Don't use black flooring in the kitchen.
• According to Vasu, stay away from using too much red in your bedroom as it symbolizes fire energy and might lead to temperamental problems.
• Homeowners should also steer clear of dark colors for their automobile and garage.
• Dark colors should be avoided as vastu hues for the study because they will make the area feel more gloomy.
• Avoid using dark colors in the child's room, such as red or dark blue, as these could encourage violence.
• According to Vastu, steer clear of dark grey, brown, and black colors for the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a place where fire rules and blue represents Varuna, the deity of water, it is best to avoid using blue for kitchen walls or even kitchen cabinets.

What happens if Vastu colours for home is not followed?
If you don't use the Vastu colors that are recommended for your home, then all the components aren't in alignment to produce the necessary amount of good energy. If you are unable to adhere to any recommended cure, you may choose to consider alternate remedies provided by Vastu experts.

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