Raunak Fortuna Shilphata

Apr 18, 2024 - by Flat in Kalyan


Raunak Fortuna Shilphata
Raunak Fortuna Shilphata

Download Brochure: https://rb.gy/nfom9f
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Location & Introduction:
- Raunak Fortuna Shilphata, a premier residential project by Raunak Group, sets a new standard for urban living in Shilphata.
- Combining strategic location, contemporary architecture, and luxury amenities, it promises elevated living.

Connectivity & Development:
- Conveniently situated near Mumbai-Pune and Thane-Belapur highways, Shilphata is set to become a hub of connectivity.
- Future developments like the MMRDA Bridge, proposed metro network, and monorail project will enhance accessibility.

Skyline & Serenity:
- Offering panoramic views, the rooftop hub provides a serene escape for activities like yoga, barbeques, and relaxation.
- Designed to bring peace amidst urban hustle, it offers a glimpse of the city, sky, and hills.

Modern Living & Future Promise:
- Raunak Fortuna Shilphata presents spacious homes with top-notch amenities like podium health centers and community spaces.
- It blends nature, health, and culture, providing a holistic living experience for families.

Life Experience Amenities:
- From shopping zones to jogging tracks, the project offers a wide array of amenities catering to various interests and age groups.
- Features like indoor games rooms, community halls, and open-air screening areas ensure a vibrant lifestyle.

Contact Information:
Address: Kalyan - Shilphata Road, Thane, Kalyan, 421204, Maharashtra
Phone: 8055000190
WhatsApp: 9323241069

Download Project Kit : https://rb.gy/nfom9f
Call 7021988393

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