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Unveiling Maha Mauka: Your Gateway to Tranquil Living

Nestled amidst the serene expanse of Waghbil area, Kasarvadavali, along the bustling Ghodbunder Road in Thane West, lies the illustrious Maha Mauka Mela. It's not just another residential venture; it's an extraordinary ode to a lifestyle where the symphony of nature and modernity plays in perfect harmony, beckoning you to embrace tranquility amidst urban life's hustle and bustle. Offering prime 1 BHK residences starting at 43.99 Lakhs, Maha Mauka makes your vision of a dream home a tangible reality, enveloping you in comfort and luxury.

Embrace Nature's Bounty

- Spread across a sprawling 3.5 acres of verdant greenery, Maha Mauka presents a canvas of picturesque hills and breathtaking sunrises, inviting you to start each day enveloped in a cocoon of peace and tranquility.
- Indulge in the essence of rural living mere minutes away from the bustling cityscape, as you immerse yourself in the natural splendor that surrounds Maha Mauka, your haven amidst the chaos.
- Developed by the esteemed Squarefeet Group and Fenkin Realty, Maha Mauka transcends the mundane; it's an embodiment of modern comforts intertwined with the serene charm of countryside living, offering you the ultimate escape from the ordinary.

What Sets this Property Apart?

- Experience Exclusive Living: Maha Mauka isn't just a residential enclave; it's a sanctuary where each moment is a celebration, where spacious abodes foster familial bonds and personal sanctuaries, birthing cherished memories that last a lifetime.
- Crafted for Convenience: Strategic architecture meets thoughtful design at every turn within Maha Mauka, ensuring that every detail is tailored to elevate your living experience, while its prime locale guarantees effortless access to prominent landmarks, educational institutions, healthcare centers, and recreational amenities.

Elevating Living Standards with Amenities

- At Maha Mauka, amenities abound to cater to your every whim, whether you seek relaxation or recreation, you'll find it within the premises.
- From a serene library and invigorating jogging tracks to a state-of-the-art gymnasium and versatile multipurpose hall, every amenity is meticulously curated to enrich your lifestyle, ensuring that every moment spent at Maha Mauka is nothing short of extraordinary.

Key Highlights

- A Tradition of Excellence: Squarefeet Group and Fenkin Realty epitomize excellence in the real estate domain, reshaping India's urban landscape with each endeavor, with Maha Mauka standing as a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality.
- Seize Tomorrow's Lifestyle Today: With its strategic positioning, unparalleled amenities, and unwavering dedication to quality, Maha Mauka isn't just a residential complex; it's a prestigious landmark redefining contemporary living, inviting you to embrace a better lifestyle today, at Maha Mauka.


- Children's Play Area
- Well-equipped Gymnasium
- Serene Jogging Tracks
- Verdant Gardens
- Yoga/Meditation Area
- Community Club House
- Tranquil Senior Citizen Corner
- Rainwater Harvesting Pond
- Surveillance via CCTV Cameras
- Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity
- Swift High-Speed Elevators
- Inviting Chess Play Lawn
- Reverent Temple
- Array of Indoor Games
- Convenient Car Parking

At Maha Mauka, the essence of tranquility meets the epitome of modern living, offering you the ultimate retreat from the chaos of everyday life. Experience Maha Mauka, where every moment is a testament to the beauty of Thane MAHA MAUKA.

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