The Best Direction for Your House Orientation According to Vastu Shastra

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The Best Direction for Your House Orientation According to Vastu Shastra
A new house's construction or purchase has a specific meaning for each individual. We take into account a number of factors while building a new home, including design, materials, and budget. Vastu Shastra principles are also stressed in India since a Vastu-compliant home provides the residents serenity and prosperity. Some home construction directions are thought to be lucky. This article discusses the significance of Vastu directions, especially when deciding which direction is best for a house to face.

Best house facing directions as per Vastu: Which facing house is good?
Rendering to Vastu Shastra, the family and the energy enter the house finished the main door. Vastu-compliant main entrances will help draw the favourable energies wanted to support the home and its people' happiness, wealth, and health. According to Vastu, facing a house in the north, northeast, west, or east is the greatest choice.

How to find the east way of the house?
Stand in the centre of your house before examining the compass. See the direction in which the compass is mortar to find the house’s east direction.

Finest house facing direction: North and northeast-facing house
How to know the best house-facing direction as per Vastu?
Since Kuber, the deity of riches, rules the north, a home's entrance facing that direction is fortunate for its occupants. Conferring to Vastu, a home with a north entrance attracts the correct energy, money, fortune, and prosperity. Similar to this, according to Vastu, a northeast-facing home is fortunate, especially for those working in the finance industry.

How to find the north and northeast directions of the house?
To find the north or northeast direction of the house, only stand in the centre of your home and check your compass to find the obligatory direction.

Best house facing direction: Northwest-facing house
Wealth, health, and riches can enter a home through a foremost entrance in the northwest. However, it's thought that this family's primary male spends a lot of time away from home as a result of this home direction. Entrances facing the west let in wealth and the setting light. If you absolutely must have an entrance on the west side of the house, make sure it faces northwest. According to Vastu, a brass pyramid and helix can be used to lessen the dosha of a northwest-facing dwelling.

How to determine the house-facing direction?
If you are inquisitive about how to check Vastu for home entrance, use a compass to regulate the house-facing direction. Stand at the entrance door of your house, facing outside. Use a compass to check the course that you are facing.

According to Vastu, a residence should be towards the northeast. This is so because the God of Wealth is associated with the northeast. In a similar vein, the southwest is seen as the direction of evil. This direction denotes fortune, yet it also denotes misfortune. Vastu states that the southeast direction is the least fortunate of all the orientations for a house to face. It has a negative impact on the citizens' health and causes disease and rage. Additionally, going in this manner raises the likelihood of family conflicts. 

Vastu home direction: Importance
According to Vastu, bringing the five elements into balance will bring happiness and fortune. In Vastu Shastra, directions are very important. In Vastu, the orientation that faces the house is important because it is the major entryway that draws energy—positive or negative—and disperses it throughout the house.

Positive energies will directly touch the earth energies present in the house and the five elements if the direction the house faces is suitable.

House-facing directions as per Vastu: Other effects
Young families would benefit from a west-facing home. It is not recommended for female family members, though. A northwest-facing house is a wise choice for attracting money, success, and health according to Vastu for house directions. The male family members will, however, spend a lot of time away from home in such circumstances. 

House direction as per Vastu: Instructions for different rooms in the house
Vastu directions of a property have an influence on the positive and negative energies around it. Thus, it is vital to construct a house and its various rooms based on Vastu principles.

Vastu directions for house: Bedroom
East, north, or northeast directions are the greatest Vastu directions for a bedroom. To ensure quiet and tranquillity, build the master bedroom with the southwest in mind. This direction represents weight and is associated with the earth element. The southwest should not be used for a child's room, a guest room, or a servant room.

The location of the beds is crucial since it affects the family's health and quality of sleep. Avoid placing the bed in the bedroom's corner as this hinders progressive energy flow. According to Vastu, it is best to sleep with your head in the south or east. According to bedroom Vastu, the bed should be in the middle of the room so that there is room to move around it. Vastu suggests a bed.

Basic Vastu principles for home:
Some of the elementary principles of Vastu Shastra to keep in mind while designing a new home are:
Room shape: According to Vastu, square or rectangular rooms are preferred. 
Basic Vastu for a room: Your home's rooms should all be spotless, light-filled, and airy.

Heavy furniture, such as mattresses and cabinets, should be placed in the south-west, according to Vastu Shastra. 

Water: Make an effort to have some plants and water features in your home, such as fountains, aquariums, and water paintings.
Keep the dining table away from the front door.

What to do if the house is not Vastu obedient?
Some alterations that can be made to the current home without altering its architecture are mentioned.
• The main door should have a strong light so that the house is filled with positivity.
• Avoid keeping any water-related features in the bedroom, such as a water wall or fountain. Additionally, it's best to avoid having plants in the bedroom.
• Maintain brightness in your corners.
• Avoid storing mirrors in the kitchen.
• Keep cleaning supplies out of sight in the kitchen, such as a mop and broom.
• When it comes to furniture, it should always be set up such that a square or circle is produced.
• Keep in mind that you shouldn't keep expired food, dried flowers, or worn-out clothing in your closet.
• If your house has marble flooring, keep in mind that old leather shoes are not lying around. This is due to marble is a holy stone and is used in places of worship. Circumvent using the marble stone bedroom, toilet and bathroom. 

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